Your property management goals may vary from one property to the next. Presto specializes in helping you achieve all types of goals for your property. Whether you are interested in simply maintaining the existing design of the units, slowly upgrading your property over time, or executing a full rehab, we are the perfect MRO supplier for you!

Maintaining Property

- Presto supplies to all classes of properties: A, B, C or D

Our product selection provides you with "good", "better" and "best" options so that you can pick the exact products that fit your design and budget needs.

- Lowest back order rate in the industry!

As you work to retain existing customers with the best customer service, we are working to provide you with all of the products you need on the first delivery 98% of the time! It's an unheard of accomplishment, but we do it every day!

- Let us GL Code your invoices

Give us your codes, and we'll do the work. We can be as specific or as broad as you need. This easy service will save you so much time and money on your bottom line.

Organize your shop

Customer service is proving to be a critical reason why residents renew their leases. Having the common supplies on hand at all times for your property can mean all the difference in retaining that resident. Ask us for help to organize your shop with bins and Presto's labels so that your team can identify immediately when you are running low on those must-have items!

Reposition Over Time

- Brushed Nickel Catalogbrushed nickel upgrades

We have condensed our product selection from over 800 pages to 20, showing you the hottest items that our customers are using to improve the value of their property, one unit at a time.

- Create Master Floor Plans

This is the easiest way to track the cost of your upgrades! By creating masters for each floor plans with the exact quantities of product you need, ALL you need to give us at the time of purchase is the floor plan, your unit number and your PO! What's even better? Our sales reps will walk the floor plans for you!

- Choose the Presto Pack! 

For no additional fee, the Presto Pack is designed to hold all of your upgrade items in just one or two boxes. We label the box with the designated apartment number and voila! 


Total Rehab

- Flexible credit line and terms!

 We understand large projects like rehabs are a huge investment upfront with very little cash flow coming from renters. We are willing to work with you and your desired needs. Just let us know at the time you set up your account what your project requirements will be, and let's work together! We just ask for two things in return: payment commitment follow through and communication.

- Bulk pricing from our manufacturers

Increased volume usually indicates lower prices. You can count on Presto to negotiate better prices specifically for your projects.

- Lowest back order rate in the industry!

Managing the time of your construction personnel and having the product to install is a necessity. Presto boasts the highest order fulfillment rate at 98% which guarantees you to have the product you need almost every time.   

- Choose the Presto Pack!

For no additional fee, the Presto Pack is designed to hold all of your upgrade items in just one or two boxes. We label the box with the designated apartment number and voila! 


To get started, call us at 713-672-1915 to speak to any of our bilingual customer service representatives! We can't wait to help you be successful!